Flavors, aromas and traditions

Traditions and Innovations

For centuries The  Marquises  Cantore di Castelforte have  been   devoting  their energies towards the improvement of their wide land properties. Many decades  ago the family moved from Naples to Apulia, where, since  then, it has  settled down. This is a land with a great inclination for the production of excellent red wine and extra-virgin olive oil. Those characteristics are more evident in the area of Salento. The total extension of the Cantore di Castelforte farms is more than 600 hectares, most of them devoted to the cultivation of Primitivo di Manduria wine and olive oil trees. Cantore di Castelforte is moving ahead between tradition and innovation, generation after generation. Nevertheless the most meaningful change has occurred in the new millennium. The goal, ambitious and difficult, is to modify and  modernize production as well as centuries old mentality. Cantore has decided to stop producing in quantity and sell to wholesaler. Quality is now more important than quantity. Cantore has now targeted the  market, directly, and his products are not anonymous anymore. The farms have their own bottled products with a brand new label. A great investment of work and money, which has already produced extremely positive results. The wine Primitivo di Manduria D.O.C. Donna Maria was awarded at the world known exhibition of Vinitaly (Verona), edition 2002 and 2003 and at the London  International Wine and Spirits  Competition 2003The complete cycle is developed within the winery, starting from the rooted  vine cutting to the bottled product The same happens for the oil because the oil press is producing and bottling extremely good extra virgin olive oil.

The Cantore Farms of Castelforte in Puglia

The company Cantore di Castelforte includes 600 hectares and 4 farms located between the province of Taranto and Lecce. They make an average production of 25.000 quintals of wine per year, which means, eventually, 3.000.000 of bottles. The goal is to bring to the market a 100% of bottled product. There are also 1.500 quintals of extra virgin olive oil.

  • Centonze   Company
  • Tre Torri    Company
  • Mazzetta   Company
  • Cicimaia    Company
  • Wine making company of Manduria (Taranto – Italy)

The heart of the company is the Centonze farm built at the beginning of 1900. Its architectural profile has become the symbol of Cantore group. Its extension is impressive: 250 hectares. Fifty hectares are cultivated with olive trees, 40 hectares sown with wheat and the remaining part is covered with vines (most of them  producing  Primitivo di Manduria Doc , Denomination of controlled origin). The farm includes an oil press, built in 2000, where only the olives produced by Cantore can be transformed in  olive  oil and bottled. Tre Torri farm is totally made of vines, producing mostly and  exactly for  70%  Primitivo and for 30% international wines. Mazzetta farm is not too far from Manduria, but we have to move from the Province of Taranto to the Province of Lecce. They were part of the Land of Otranto until 80 years ago. The main products of this farm are wine (Salice Salentino Doc) and some wheat. Cicimaia farm is also located in the well known area of SaliceSalentino. Most of it is covered with valuable vines of Salice Salentino Doc together with some wheat. The Wine Farm of Manduria was created 50 years ago and it is the one undergoing the deepest transformation. The original farm had a capacity of  40.000 quintals and a total extension of 7.000 square meters. Cantore di Castelforte has recently bought 3.000 more square meters. The new bottling line will spread out on 1.000 square meters and its machinery will be able to bottle and cork 3.000 bottles of wine per hour, as it already happens with extra virgin olive oil.