Extravirgin oil 750ml

Centuries-old plants and ultramodern intensive olive groves that use mechanized harvesting that allows to collect the olives still green on the plant in order to obtain a very low degree of acidity and make the oil with a particularly delicate taste.

PRODUCER                             Cantore di Castelforte

PRODUCTION AREA               Manduria (TA) Puglia

VARIETY                                   Coratina, Ogliarola, Cellina

MAXIMUM ACIDITY                 0,2 – 0,3 

AROMA                                     harmonious, rich and delicate

TASTE                                       Intense and persistent

PRODUCTION                          production 75,000 liters/year

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Ph. +39 099 9735373

Fax.  +39 099 9793120

Viale Piceno, 12 Manduria (TA) Puglia – Italy

P.iva  01703450732